We are excited to launch our new website, www.sweetenedwithgodsugar.com because we believe that everything in life could use more of God’s sweetness. Every time we look around we can see His Grace sprinkled throughout our world and our lives. The most incredible thing has been discovering how food was created with so many healing properties that our bodies need to function properly. More and more we are learning that food isn’t just on this earth randomly but was made with a purpose by the Creator to help us live healthy, vibrant, energetic lives.

Kelsey and I are sister-in-laws who turned into best friends. We have very similar interests. We will both be posting about our lives as moms, wives, etc. as well as posting recipes and information about the nutritional benefits of the food we eat. The one thing that makes the way we eat unique is that we try as much as possible to sweeten our food with God made sweeteners. We have taken this to extreme… dates and every once in a while some maple syrup. Fruit is our candy! We strive to be as plant based as possible in our lives, because we just feel better when we eat that way.

Photo by Tiago Faifa on Unsplash

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